Is It Worth Becoming A Vet?

Being a veterinarian is to be in a place of privilege, there are very few jobs where when you tell people what you do, they say “aw, that’s lovely”. But that always happens in veterinary medicine and then you get asked about their scabby dog or cat.

What’s new in Dermatology?

As a busy working mum who is usually running around spinning multiple plates alongside the added joy of homeschooling, I’ve always really appreciated the ‘what’s new’ webinars. I usually have very little time to keep up to date on emerging diseases and new drugs especially as I rarely get to see the reps in practice, so these ‘what’s new’ sessions are invaluable and long may they continue.

Questions To Ask During An Animal Skin Examination

Do you want to know the best questions to ask when you’re dealing with a dermatological problem? Well, in this blog post Anthony Chadwick goes over the questions that he has always asked in a dermatology consult. If you get these right, then quite often you’re pretty close to a diagnosis before you even look at the animal properly!

Paper Waste

Paper is often seen as one of the Earth’s truly renewable resources, but is there more we can be doing in practice to act more sustainably? Sustainable Paper When using paper in practice, there are two significant things to keep in mind. Firstly, has your paper been Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified?

The Different Types of Vets

Are you thinking of becoming a veterinary surgeon? If so, then read on to learn about the different types of vets and which area you may be interested in working in once you qualify.

If Dogs Could Speak

I cannot count the amount of times I looked into the huge brown eyes of my dog Nugget and wondered what exactly was going on in there. Adopted at 10 years old, we only knew her as an old dog, but it seemed she had 2 brain cells to rub together on a good day. Sure, she knew her name but I am certain she purposefully ignored us calling her.

Mental Health Awareness Week

As many of you may know, it’s Mental Health Awareness Week from 10th-16th May. Here at The Webinar Vet, we know the importance of both talking about and taking care of your mental health, especially within the veterinary profession.

Top 10 Veterinary Podcasts

If you’re in the car or have some spare time and want to hear about the latest hot topics in the veterinary world then look no further. Below are our top 10 recommended vet podcasts you need to listen to.