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Delve into diverse virtual conferences covering everything from intricate pet health issues to critical insights into pet nutrition.

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Veterinary Virtual Care Global Summit 2023

A series organized by the Veterinary Virtual Care Association (VVCA). It will guide professionals in veterinary virtual care, emphasizing its medical applications, regulatory changes, and the vital role of Veterinary Technicians.

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UK Pet Food Education Day

Immerse yourself in an enlightening virtual journey through the pet nutrition landscape tailored specifically for veterinary professionals. This concise yet comprehensive full-day programme starts with an essential overview of pet food, followed by a critical exploration of various food formats, all backed by solid evidence.

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Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Virtual Congress 2023

Topics covered will include the management of chronic enteropathy, antimicrobial treatment, nursing a gastrointestinal case, feeding the paediatric diarrhoea patient, peri-operative feeding and more!

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Virtual Veterinary Congress 2024

Virtual Veterinary Congress 2024

Embark on an enticing journey through pet healthcare, exploring intriguing guinea pig diseases, practical strategies for cat-friendly clinics, and interactive ophthalmology cases.

Deep-dive into neurological emergencies through dynamic case videos. Discover rabbit urinary tract diseases, decode the behaviour of confrontational cats, understand the rising trend of ocular disease in brachycephalic dogs, and tackle the challenge of spinal pain in young dogs.

A compelling exploration tailored for vets from anywhere in the world, primed to spark your curiosity and reignite your passion for animal care.

Also known as: Virtual Congress, VC24, VVC24, and Virtual Congress 2024.

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Breaking Taboos and Sharing Stories

Beyond the Clinic: Menopause Exposed

Beyond the Clinic: Menopause Exposed

A 5-part podcast by The Webinar Vet.

Our aim is to support vet professionals during menopause, a pivotal yet neglected career phase. Given the female majority in the veterinary field, addressing menopausal challenges is crucial. With about a third of UK's female population being peri or menopausal, and one in ten leaving work due to it, our commitment is clear: retain women in the profession, value their expertise, and champion inclusivity. Join us in empowering women to navigate menopausal hurdles in veterinary medicine.

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On Demand Veterinary Events

Explore our on-demand events: Dive into a curated collection of topics, from cutting-edge oncology techniques and unique exotic animal care insights to nuanced cat behaviour in rescue settings and masterclasses on pet weight management.

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Stressing Meowt – Cat Behaviour in the Rescue Shelter

This virtual event promises to whisk you on an insightful journey through the intricacies of cat behaviour within the rescue environment. It's a must-attend for shelter workers, vet professionals, and cat lovers who want to sharpen their knowledge!

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Royal Canin Weight Management Virtual Congress

The conference features renowned experts such as Alex German, Georgia Woods-Lee and Royal Canin’s Clare Hemmings who will lead sessions on obesity management and the benefits of therapeutic diets.

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WikiVet is a wiki of veterinary content. The website is a collaborative initiative between various veterinary schools, and its content covers the entire veterinary curriculum. WikiVet is part of the WikiVet Educational Foundation.

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Simply Vets

We serve vets, nurses and veterinary practices with the goal of connecting permanent and locum veterinary staff with practices, whilst also providing a simple and transparent solution to IR35 where needed.

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How To Support Your Grieving Client

Euthanasia is unfortunately a significant part of our job and although I believe my handling of euthanasia is caring and compassionate, I do detach myself from the emotion of most cases and can sometimes forget just how traumatic it can be for an owner.

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