Unlocking the Secrets of Rabbit Nutrition: A Webinar Journey

Delve into the world of rabbit nutrition with Claire Speight, RVN, A1 C&G VNES, in this enlightening webinar. Claire, an expert in rabbit welfare, serves as the head nurse in a first opinion practice and wears many hats, including editor of 'Rabbiting On' for RWAF.

Ron Ofri: Illuminating Insights into Veterinary Ophthalmology-Speaker of the Month!

In the dynamic realm of veterinary ophthalmology, Professor Ron Ofri stands as a beacon of expertise and innovation. Hailing from the charter class of the Koret School of Veterinary Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Ron embarked on a journey that would lead him to the forefront of clinical practice, research, and global education.

Navigating Entrepreneurship in Veterinary Business: Insights from Sam Williamson

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey in the veterinary industry demands courage, resilience, and a passion for making a difference. In a recent Vetchat podcast episode, Kathryn Bell, CEO of The Webinar Vet, sat down with Samantha Williamson, Director of Samaxia Ltd and SRW Consulting Ltd, to discuss the intricacies of navigating start-up life in the veterinary business.

VetCT Announce Dates for Popular Equine Webinar Series

VetCT, a global teleradiology, teleconsulting and education provider, is pleased to announce the dates for their upcoming equine webinar series. This free series focuses on equine radiology and its clinical application.

A New Respiratory Illness Grips Dogs in the US

In recent months, a ominous respiratory illness has cast its shadow over dogs across the United States, sending veterinarians on a quest for answers. This enigmatic disease, still shrouded in mystery, emerged in Oregon and has sparked concern globally. With the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) at the forefront, up to 200 reported cases by veterinarians have been documented as of August.

The Veterinary Clinical Collection 2023

Gear up for a week-long dive into the latest advancements and essential skills in veterinary medicine! Join us from December 4 to December 8 for the Veterinary Clinical Collection 2023, a FREE on-demand event hosted by The Webinar Vet.

Unveiling the London Vet Show Experience

The London Vet Show, a pinnacle event in the veterinary calendar, unfolded with a unique blend of insights, connections, and shared enthusiasm. This year’s edition brought together professionals, exhibitors, and thought leaders from the veterinary field.

Navigating the Oncology Seas: A Refreshing Course for Veterinary Professionals

Embarking on a journey into the vast sea of veterinary oncology can be both challenging and rewarding. With advancements in the field and a growing focus on cancer care for our animal companions, staying updated is crucial. Let's set sail into the world of oncology with The Webinar Vet's Oncology Refresher Course, a RACE-approved program designed to equip veterinary professionals with the latest insights.