Celebrating International Women's Day: Honouring Our Inspiring Speakers

In honour of International Women's Day, The Webinar Vet takes pride in showcasing the outstanding female speakers who have enriched our platform this year. These trailblazing professionals embody a diverse range of expertise, each making significant contributions to the veterinary field in their own distinct and impactful manner. This month, we are excited to spotlight three of these speakers who will be sharing their insights and expertise with us throughout March:

1. Georgia Woods-Lee

  • Presentation on March 19th

  • Clinical Lead for the ROYAL CANIN® Weight Management Clinic

  • Pursuing a PhD in pet obesity

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2. Sarah Caney

  • Presentation on March 14th

  • Internationally recognised feline medicine specialist

  • Published research in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery

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3. Dr. Sheilah Robertson

  • Presentation on March 21st

  • Board-certified in anaesthesia and animal welfare

  • Expertise in opioids use in cats and shelter medicine

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4. Madonna Livingstone

  • Presentation on March 20th

  • Recognised as an authority in exotics

  • Strong dedication to animal welfare and conservation efforts

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Our commitment to inclusivity goes beyond webinars. We're thrilled to feature empowering podcasts hosted by Kathryn Bell, our CEO, addressing topics like menopause, menstrual cycles, pregnancy, mentoring, work-life balance, among others.

Listen to our empowering podcasts on:

- Navigating Pregnancy and Parenthood

- Balancing Scrubs and Rapids: A Journey as an RVN and Athlete

- Menopause and Mental Health: A Conversation for Everyone

- Navigating Business Start-Up Life

Kathryn Bell, our inspiring CEO, shares her perspective: "As a female CEO, I'm filled with pride and gratitude for the opportunity to support men and women in our profession. Through our webinars and podcasts, we aim to empower women to thrive in their veterinary careers, seize opportunities, and reach their full potential."

On this International Women's Day, we extend our appreciation to all the incredible women within The Webinar Vet/Simply Vets team. Their contributions are integral to our shared success. Join us in celebrating diversity, equity, and inclusion – inspiring a more inclusive world for women.

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