Allergy Testing in Dogs

We know we’re in for a treat when ‘The Webinar Vet’ organises for three well respected dermatologists to lead a webinar discussing allergy testing in dogs. Anthony Chadwick was one of three dermatologists and he started this webinar by introducing his two counterparts, Kristian Pedersen and Albert Carre-Llopis. The format of this webinar consisted of an interactive discussion between all three dermatologists about all aspects of allergy testing.

Does AI deserve animal rights?

If the names Sir Killalot, Dead Metal, and Sergeant Bash invoke a sense of nostalgia in you, then you’ll undoubtedly have fond memories of Friday night television programming circa 2002, when the unholy spectacle that was Robot Wars would grace our screens. Each week, several robots would face off in an arena of carnage, fighting to the death for…well, it was unclear exactly what they were fighting for, but it was still quality entertainment.

Aetiopathogenesis And Diagnosis Of Feline Liver Disease

Jane began this webinar by comparing some aspects of liver disease in dogs and cats. In dogs, steroid hepatopathy is common both with Cushing’s syndrome and with iatrogenic causes, whereas in the cat steroid hepatopathy does not occur.  Asymmetric deposition of fat occurs in dogs that are obese but does not make them sick.

Advances in Cardiology

The Webinar Vet’ has organised veterinary webinars in the past which provided an overview of advances in specific areas of veterinary practice. I believe our very own Anthony Chadwick covered advances in dermatology a while ago and I remember getting so much out of it. So I was delighted that, although not planned, Hannah Stephenson stepped in at the last minute to provide us with a veterinary webinar covering advances in veterinary cardiology.

Advanced Strategies For Noise Phobia

Dr Sagi Denenberg's webinar discussing noise phobias was an excellent addition to Valerie Jonckheer-Sheehy’s webinar aired earlier this year. It not only reinforced the advice already delivered so effectively by Valerie, he also added further detail to noise phobia strategies including the use of appropriate medication.

Questions From Core Standards Webinar

Medicines-related questions Q: Can practices that share buildings share pharmaceuticals, for example, an out-of-hours service sharing with a daytime practice, or would this act against auditing purposes?

The Acute Abdomen - Decision Making In The First Few Hours

European Specialist in Emergency and Critical Care, Amanda Boag delivered a ‘must see’ webinar for any vet working in small animal practice today. Most vets will encounter the acute abdomen patient at several points point in their career and this webinar offers the tools to deal with this often stressful scenario as effectively and as successfully as possible.

No Animals Were Harmed In The Making Of This Blog

The afterparty for the 1978 Academy Awards must have been a wild one for Michael Cimino. The Deer Hunter, only his second film as a director, had just won five Oscars, including the coveted Best Director and Best Picture, and was already being hailed as one of the best films ever made. Movie moguls were lining up to shake his hand and gush praise for his masterpiece. One can only imagine Cimino’s hangover the next morning.

The British Big Cats: Is The Truth Out There?

In June of this year, a taxi was travelling down the secluded Napsbury Lane in St Albans, Herts, when the driver noticed an animal at the side of the road. Stopping to have a look, his dashcam captured footage of what he believed to be the mysterious creature that the locals have branded “the big cat of St Albans”, an elusive puma-like creature that has been supposedly seen on multiple occasions over the years. Sceptics might be inclined to say that it’s just a regular cat, but for many people, this is another piece of evidence in one of Britain’s longest-running conspiracy theories: that there are undocumented big cats stalking the wilds of the UK.

Introducing Wikivet

Wikivet is an online resource that provides free, high-quality educational content for veterinary students, professionals, and enthusiasts. The site is a collaborative effort between a team of experienced veterinary professionals and educators, who share a passion for promoting veterinary education and animal welfare.

Fidel Castro's Supercow

In the city of Nueva Gerona there stands a white stone statue of one of the most beloved Cuban revolutionaries, whose legacy lives on to this day. But this is not a monument to Che Guevara or Fidel Castro; no, this is a statue of Ubre Blanca. Ubre Blanca was an unusual revolutionary. For one thing, she was female, a tough position in patriarchal Cuba. For another, and, perhaps more notably, she was a cow.

Why Was The Cow Dressed Like A Zebra?

If you’re trying to think of the joke answer, let us know later (because we don’t have it), but for now we’re asking this question seriously. Why would you ever paint a cow like a zebra? To answer that, we first have to ask another question that sounds like a joke setup – why does the zebra have stripes?