How to feel Compassion Satisfaction

In 20 years of wearing my veterinary coat, I have seen the craziest situations. From a cat with an arrow through its epaxial muscles to a 200lb man crying more at the death of his dog than his mother. I have witnessed the evolution of the strength of the human-animal bond. I am no longer afraid to say that I feel compassion satisfaction in most of my euthanasia appointments. Euthanasia is recognized as a major contributor to compassion fatigue. But when we feel like we are making a difference, bringing all our knowledge and empathy to families and animals, satisfaction comes over us.

Taking Healthy to New Heights

Pet parents view their pet's appetite as an indicator of quality of life. That's why Hill's has developed groundbreaking, great tasting nutrition for pets with clinical ilness, such as cancer - because when we can keep them eating, we can keep them fighting.

Unmasking Feline Hyperthyroidism: Challenges and Solutions

Cats, those enigmatic creatures that share our homes and hearts, can sometimes suffer in silence. As they age, they face various health challenges, one of which is hyperthyroidism. I In a recent webinar titled "Common Challenges and Practical Solutions in Feline Hyperthyroidism - Diagnosis," we delved into the nuances of this ailment, aiming to equip you with valuable insights into recognizing, diagnosing, and treating it.

Unveiling the Power of Polyvagal Theory: A Conversation with Allison Johanson

Welcome to another intriguing episode of Vet Chat! Today, we're diving deep into the world of mental health, especially focusing on the challenges faced by our beloved veterinary professionals. Our special guest today is Allison Johanson, a dedicated licensed mental health provider with over 15 years of experience. Allison brings her expertise to the field by harnessing the power of the polyvagal theory to help healthcare professionals, including veterinarians, navigate workplace exhaustion and stress. So, let's embark on this enlightening journey with Allison Johanson.

You deserve a choice when making diagnostic decisions for your patients.

Antech is committed to supporting veterinary care teams and pets through our flexible, complete diagnostics portfolio — state-of-the-art reference laboratories, world-class in-house analysers, comprehensive imaging and technology solutions, innovative diagnostics, advanced telemedicine services, and more.

You Asked, We Answered: Webinar Watchlists Are Back!

At The Webinar Vet, we've always strived to make veterinary education accessible and convenient for our community. We understand that our platform hosts a vast library of valuable content, and it can sometimes be challenging to find specific webinars amidst the wealth of information. Moreover, we acknowledge that life can get busy, and even the best intentions to return to valuable content can sometimes fall by the wayside. That's why we're excited to announce the return of a highly requested feature: Webinar Watchlists!

Navigating the Canine Conundrum: Licensing, Ownership, and Responsibility

In recent times, the world has seen a surge in interest in dog ownership, particularly during the pandemic. The documentary "Britain's Puppy Boom" shed light on the illicit practices within the breeding industry and the alarming disregard for standards and regulations. The uproar that followed prompted veterinary groups and organizations like the BVA and Dog Trust to send warnings to the government. While the government has made commitments to bring about changes, a cloud of uncertainty still looms over the world of puppy acquisition.

Exploring the Insights of Dr. Sarah Heath: 5 Must-Watch Webinars for Veterinarians

As veterinarians, staying updated with the latest knowledge and techniques is crucial to providing the best care for our furry patients. Dr. Sarah Heath, a distinguished veterinary surgeon, and a European Veterinary Specialist in Behavioural Medicine, has been a beacon of knowledge and expertise in the field. Her contributions to veterinary medicine have earned her the prestigious title of FRCVS. Today, we're excited to delve into five of her outstanding webinars on The Webinar Vet that are not only informative but also truly engaging.

An insight into Feline Infectious Peritonitis

Feline coronavirus (FCoV) is a highly infectious enteric virus which causes subclinical infection or diarrhoea in the majority of infected cats. However it can cause a lethal monocyte-associated immune-mediated granulomatous perivasculitis, known as feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), in around 5-10% of infected cats. Infection with FCoV is very common, particularly in cats from rescue shelters, breeding catteries and other large multi-cat households.

Hero Circle: Empowering Citizens to Combat the Climate Crisis

In a world that's increasingly aware of the environmental challenges we face, there's a growing need for individuals to take action. The climate crisis is real, and it's not a problem we can leave solely in the hands of governments and corporations. In this podcast, we delve into a remarkable initiative that empowers citizens to play a vital role in addressing the climate crisis. We'll explore the Hero Circle platform, which is on a mission to bring together people who want to make a difference and support campaigners working towards sustainability and climate change.

Decoding the Inner Workings of Small Mammal Medicine: Unveiling Hearts, Livers, and Kidneys

Small mammals, our cherished companions, often conceal intricate health concerns beneath their charming exteriors. Dr. John Chitty, a distinguished expert, guides us through the enigmatic realm of small mammal medicine in his captivating webinar, "The Offal Part of Small Mammal Medicine." This exploration dives into the intricacies of hearts, livers, and kidneys, shedding light on diagnosis and treatment while infusing Dr. Chitty's unique personality.