October 23rd, 2023

Unlocking the Power of Comprehensive Diagnostics: Antech's Commitment to Veterinary Care Teams

In the world of veterinary medicine, where every second counts and every case is unique, the ability to access accurate, timely diagnostic information is paramount. Veterinary professionals need reliable tools and resources that enable them to provide the best possible care for their patients. This is where Antech steps in. With a profound commitment to supporting veterinary care teams and the animals they serve, Antech offers a versatile, comprehensive diagnostics portfolio that spans state-of-the-art reference laboratories, world-class in-house analysers, comprehensive imaging and technology solutions, innovative diagnostics, advanced telemedicine services, and more.

Your Voice Matters: Share Your Insights, Win Big! 

Antech recognize that the backbone of exceptional veterinary care lies within the dedicated individuals who comprise the veterinary community. Every day, you, as a part of this community, invest your time, skill, and boundless passion in ensuring the well-being of the animals under your care. Your knowledge and experiences are invaluable, and they drive continuous improvement in the industry. 

That's why Antech wants to hear from you. They are keen to understand your daily challenges, diagnostic needs, the tools you rely on, and the dynamics of pet owner compliance within your practice. To make this conversation even more exciting, they are offering you a chance to win a £250 Amazon voucher when you participate in their survey. The survey is designed to be quick and easy, taking less than 15 minutes to complete, so you can provide your insights without disrupting your busy schedule. Your input will help us tailor our services and products to better serve you and your patients.  

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Antech Webinar: Urinalysis Essentials – Helpful tips to maximize the diagnostic information

Diagnostic accuracy plays a pivotal role in the realm of veterinary medicine, and one often underestimated yet essential tool in the diagnostic toolkit is urinalysis. To shed light on the importance of urinalysis and offer valuable insights, Antech and The Webinar Vet presents the webinar titled "Urinalysis Essentials: Helpful Tips to Maximize Diagnostic Information." 

This engaging and informative webinar explores the fundamental aspects of urinalysis, from technique to interpretation. The session features discussions of intriguing clinical cases that highlight the significance of a complete urinalysis. The learning objectives of this webinar include: 

  • Understanding the Importance of Urinalysis: Discover how urinalysis enhances the interpretation of both haematology and chemistry results. 

  • Components of the Complete Urinalysis: Dive deep into the components that make up a complete urinalysis. Learn how to extract maximum diagnostic information from each element. 

  • Decoding the Urine Dipstick: Gain insights into the reliability of different results reported by the urine dipstick. Understand how to evaluate and interpret these results accurately. 

  • Spotting Pathological Changes: Recognize and understand the significance of specific pathologic changes in the urine sediment. Delve into the interpretation of these changes to guide effective treatment decisions. 

 Antech: Your Partner in Diagnostic Excellence 

Antech firmly believe that you and your patients deserve nothing but the best. By sharing your experiences and insights through the survey, you're not only contributing to the advancement of veterinary care but also entering a fantastic opportunity to win an Antech backpack. Your voice matters, and we're excited to hear from you. Let's work together to elevate the standards of veterinary medicine. 

Unlock the power of diagnostics with Antech – because every patient deserves a healthier, happier tomorrow. 

Urinalysis essentials: Helpful tips to maximize the diagnostic information

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