February 9th, 2024

The Evolution of Pet Health Plans

In our ever-changing world, pet health plans have become crucial for various stakeholders: pet owners, veterinary clinics and their healthcare teams. 

Let's explore why these plans are increasingly gaining importance and how they are evolving:

 1. For the Client: Peace of Mind and Bonding 

  • A good health plan will provide pet owners with peace of mind and prompt more touchpoints with the practice, fostering a stronger bond and building trust. 

2. For the Practice: Recurring Revenue and Revenue Opportunities

  • Health plans create recurring revenue for the clinic, which can be the lifeblood of a practice, especially in those traditionally slower months. Beyond this, health plans offer the potential for further revenue opportunities and an increase in the uptake of diagnostics. 

3. For the Team: Reducing Consultation Pressure and Building Relationships

   - By consistently engaging clients, practices can reduce pressure during consultations with the team by building closer relationships with clients and offering more opportunities for contact.

The Future of Pet Health Plans - A Glimpse into 2024:

The last few years have seen pet health plans change radically in their offering, positioning and even the attitude of the profession towards them. 

This is likely to change even more in the coming year, this is what we expect could happen:  

 1. A Shift from Product to Service

   - In 2024, there will be a shift from focusing on physical products to a better balance of products and services, especially digital services. We may even see practices offering innovative digital-only pet health plans as consumers value these digital services more than ever before.

2. Premium Plans with Unlimited Consultations

   - More practices will offer premium plans offering, for example, unlimited consultations and adapting their 

 to support this. 

3. Increased Client Participation

   - The percentage of clients on health plans will rise, even in an economic downturn, due to the guarantee, consistency and perceived savings they offer.

4. Specialised Plans for Geriatric and Chronic Care

  • 2024 may also see the emergence of new types of plans catering to geriatric and chronic care patients as practices look to create more personalised plans to better serve their current clients and attract new ones looking for something more dedicated.

5. Health Plan Diagnostics

   - An increase in the utilisation of diagnostics, such as blood tests, faecal testing and urine samples in health plans to help deliver personalised recommendations for client’s pets.

7. Medication Discounts

   - More practices will offer a percentage discount on medications for clients enrolled in health plans.

VidiVet's Role in Transforming Pet Health Plans and Beyond:

VidiVet has been at the forefront of this transformation, offering practices truly valuable and useful additions to their health plan.

Here’s how they have helped practices revolutionise their pet health plans:

Drive health plan subscriptions

VidiVet offers clients 24/7 peace of mind about their pet, unlimited questions and convenient, reliable advice when they need it most - making it an additional to the healthplan which not only encourages them to sign up, but to stay around. 

Better prepared clients

Clients arrive at the practice reassured, informed and focused, ready for conversations around diagnostics and treatment plans and prepared with the correctly obtained samples so testing can be carried out more quickly.

Add value from day one

VidiVet has real tangible ongoing value to clients as opposed to those one-time benefits on a health plan and can be profitable for a practice as part of a health plan from day one.

Build trust with new clients

VidiVet is always available to clients even when their practice is closed, helping to increase touch-points at crucial times and build trust and practice engagement.

Practice-Centric Approach

The practice always stays at the centre of the client's journey, as Vidivet doesn't diagnose or treat but ensures clients are better informed about when to contact their practice for an appointment and prepared for discussions about diagnostics and treatment plans.

Instant Handover Notes

VidiVet provides instant handover notes, ensuring the practice is informed about the advice given to their clients, and enhancing the clinical records.

The partnership between VidiVet and The Webinar Vet signals a significant leap forward in the realm of pet healthcare. Stay tuned for a future where pet care is more accessible, comprehensive, and tailored to the unique needs of each furry friend.

Listen to the podcast with VidiVet founder, Ben here or book a demo and find out more here.

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