The participant will gain an understanding of the process of cranial cruciate injuries and if and when the dog is appropriate for a conservative approach. A surgical intervention may not be appropriate for every dog for a variety of reasons and the clinician should be able to set up a multimodal plan inclusive of rehabilitation to improve the dog’s quality of life.

1) The participant will understand the biomechanics associated with a cranial cruciate injury

2) The participant will be able to provide an educated approach to treating the dog in a conservative manner if appropriate

3) The participant will be able to confidently instruct the owner and assist in the management of a comprehensive home exercise program

4) The participant will learn the objective measurements necessary to ascertain if the conservative treatment is successful inclusive of owner perception, functional tests, clinical objective measurements, and short and long term goals

5) The participant will learn various treatment techniques to address the treatment of the dog with a cranial cruciate deficient stifle with regards to physical rehabilitation and set up and appropriate plan

6) The participant will be able to view specific case studies on conservative approaches