Joining Anthony for this episode of VETchat by The Webinar Vet is Mark Johnston, CEO of Vetstream and Founder & Director of Vets in Mind. Vets in Mind is a not for profit organisation which aims to be a source of quality information about mental health and wellness for the veterinary market, providing information from credible sources, case studies from our profession and to signpost people to programmes run by various associations, organizations, charities and support groups around the world for all members of the veterinary market whether they are in practice, academia or companies and charities in the veterinary market.

In this episode, Anthony and Mark discuss mental health and burnout in the profession. Mark shares his background as a vet and his experience of burnout in practice, which ultimately led to a change of direction in his career into academia. They talk about how intense the veterinary profession is, ways to balance it and how personality tests can help us better understand ourselves and what jobs we may enjoy. Mark introduces Vets In Mind, explaining how they created an app to be used as a resource centre, to offer help assessing what level of help you may be needing at the time and then signposting where you can access it.

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