Veterinary professionals and members of the vet-led team occupy an extraordinary niche at the animal-human-environment interface, and as recognised in the Vet Futures and VN Futures reports, deliver a wide range of sustainability services to society. Examples of these services include upholding animal welfare, reducing waste in food chains associated with livestock disease, supporting wildlife health and conservation, and reducing the risk to public health of antimicrobial resistance, through responsible medicine use.

However, as veterinary professionals, we also hold an opportunity to use our skills as multi-disciplinary scientists and our position of trust to leverage change towards a more sustainable future, for our own professions, for the sectors we influence and for wider society. We believe the veterinary professions should assume a leadership role in addressing some of the most pressing sustainability issues of our time.

In this Webinar, following the launch of Vet Sustain’s new strategy, their directors Laura Higham and Gudrun Ravetz will discuss how veterinary professionals can lead the change required for a sustainable future. They will discuss Vet Sustain’s new goals and strategy for supporting the professions and answer questions about how vets and members of the vet-led team can get involved.

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