Two sessions presented by Dr Claire Gilvray and Dr Catriona Mellor.
Session 1: Understanding the mind body link and how we can learn from it. 
Approximately a third of vets have experienced depression at some point in their career. In this webinar we are going to look at the most up to date research on how we can support our mental health. We will explore the evidence for using exercise, diet, mindfulness, breathwork, talking therapies and even anti depressants. It's definitely not all in your mind and most of the recent research is focused more on lifestyle changes than on medications and talking therapies.
Session 2: Living with the climate crisis: what do we need to know about eco anxiety, nature, wellbeing and resilience?  
About this webinar: This talk will cover some of the difficult thoughts and feelings associated with living at a time of climate and nature crisis, in a non-pathologizing way, as well as what we can do for ourselves and each other to feel more resilient and optimistic. We will discuss various areas of support available. We will cover recent research in two fields that are rapidly growing: what young people are thinking and feeling about the climate crisis (Eco anxiety, climate grief, eco distress etc. - which is relevant to many of us whatever age we are) as well as Nature Connectedness. The latter refers to the human relationship with the natural environment that goes beyond simply spending time in, or passing through, green and blue spaces. It refers to an interaction with the natural world that offers people meaning, emotional support and enhances a sense of compassion, including for the natural world itself. We will consider how these issues are interrelated and what implications this has on an individual, community and larger scale: we will explore how collective actions of Nature’s care (nature friendly gardening, tree planting, greening school playgrounds, regenerating blue and green spaces in urban and rural settings etc.) would offer individual and collective benefits to health, mental health and wellbeing (including on eco anxiety) as well as reducing the impacts of the climate crisis.


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