Update on Addison’s disease: New treatment options for the Great Pretender by  Ian Ramsey. Canine hypoadrenocorticism (Addison’s disease) is a well-recognised, immune-mediated endocrinopathy. It is a condition that can present with a wide variety of clinical signs, of varying severity. None of the clinical signs are pathognomonic for the condition and so the condition needs to be confirmed using laboratory tests. Recently a new formulation of desoxycortone pivalate (DOCP) called Zycortal (Dechra) has been authorised for use in dogs and this is set to change how this condition is managed in the UK. Professor Ramsey, having been involved in a clinical trial with DOCP for the last 10 months, will provide a brief overview of canine hypoadrenocorticism and then specific suggestions for managing these cases based on his experiences to date.

Ian Ramsey is currently the Professor of Small Animal Medicine at Glasgow University Veterinary School and editor of the BSAVA Small Animal Formulary. He graduated from Liverpool in 1990, completed his PhD at Glasgow on feline leukaemia virus in 1993 and his residency at Cambridge in 1997. He is an RCVS and European diplomate in small animal medicine. He has written and co-authored numerous scientific papers, review articles and book chapters in various aspects of small animal medicine. He was awarded the BSAVA Woodrow Award for contributions to small animal medicine in 2015.