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Joining Anthony for today's episode of VETchat is Emma Keeble, DVREP Senior Lecturer and Vet Clinician, and RCVS Recognised Specialist in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine.   In this episode, Anthony and Emma chat all about Emma's background and career to date, including how she was inspired to become a zoo vet, working at Edinburgh Zoo. Emma talks all about interesting and unusual wildlife cases, including being involved in hands-on seal rescues and even treating an abscess in a scorpion!    Anthony and Emma also talk about avian flu and how this has become a real worry this year. Emma says that often, we overlook the importance of wildlife as sentinels for these sorts of diseases, and it is so important for vets to be able to perform proper post-mortems on any wild birds that are dying unexpectedly, or with signs that they may have been suffering from avian flu. 
 Lastly, they discuss their top tips on how to treat hedgehogs, as well as how to encourage them, and other wildlife, into your garden. The over-urbanisation of the environment has really impacted hedgehogs, so how can we help them survive

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