Join us for an insightful webinar exploring the efficacy and necessity of routine parasite prevention in dogs and cats. We'll delve into the most concerning parasites and why preventing them is crucial. Discover the advantages of routine preventative treatments, and also address concerns and disadvantages, ensuring a balanced perspective.

Explore new testing options for faecal parasites, their accuracy, and integration into preventative programs.
Learn about ESCCAP guidelines, providing essential recommendations for parasite control.

Stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in preventative treatments, how they work, and understand why these innovations offer superior protection for pets.

Don't miss the opportunity to not only enhance your knowledge and optimize parasite prevention strategies, but also to try Faecal Dx antigen testing at no cost for 8 weeks.

Learning Objectives

  • What’s new in terms of preventative treatments, how they work and why they are better.
  • What do the ESCCAP guidelines recommend?
  • What testing options are available for faecal parasites and how accurate are these methods?
  • What are the advantages, disadvantages or concerns surrounding routine preventative parasite treatment and how best to fit these into existing preventative programs?
  • Which parasites are we most concerned about preventing or controlling and why?

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