Joining Anthony for this episode of VETchat by The Webinar Vet is Sue Skeats, Founder of 100 Ways In 100 Days. 100 Ways in 100 Days is a programme that informs and educates employees through a series of entertaining, memorable and thought-provoking, bite-sized ‘Ways’ (lessons), all empowering them to make small changes and sustainability improvements in their everyday lives.

In this episode, Anthony and Sue discuss the 100 Ways in 100 Days programme. Sue shares her background and what led her to sustainability, what the programme is, and how it works. They discuss the simple ways in which we can be more sustainable - such as not using plastic pens! Sue explains how a lot of the switches also help you to save money, not just the environment, and how having green credentials can make your company more attractive to employees. Finally, Anthony asks if Sue could share her top 3 easy tips that veterinary professionals specifically can do.

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