More and more owners are taking up a vegan lifestyle and choosing plant-based diets for their dogs. But is a ‘complete’ vegan dog food… really complete? The plant-based pet food sector is expected to explode and vegan dog food is likely here to stay - so settle in for an hour of enlightening, eye-opening fun…no matter what your current feelings on the subject. In this lunchtime session we will examine the reasons why clients are choosing vegan for their dogs (and why a vet would found a plant-based start-up), how dog food is made, the similarities and differences between plant-based and ‘conventional’ dog food, the challenges, concerns and solutions of vegan dog food feeding and yes for sure we will be doing a quick stop nutrition course. Is there any evidence to date that a fully comprehensive vegan dog food could be detrimental? We present balanced and recent study findings so that you can be armed with all the latest information to be able to advise them in their choice.
Live Q and A with Prof Andrew Knight FRCVS and Lucy McKinna BVSc MSc MRCVS at the end.
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