Isn't it the scariest thing to sedate or anaesthetise an animal arriving in emergency or critical condition?
We have all been there, but knowledge gives security, and it is perfectly possible to carry it out.

The key is to be aware of the complications that you are going to encounter, depending on the type of emergency and to anticipate them as much as possible.

You must also be perfectly familiar with the desired and undesired effects of the drugs available within your reach.

All anaesthesia carries a risk but doing it safely will certainly increase your chances of success. Learn more in this essential webinar for all general practitioners with the help of Dr Stathopoulou, a true expert on this topic!

Learning Objectives

  • Confidence growth in overall sedation and anaesthesia
  • Recognition and anticipation of complications in emergency patients
  • Suitable anaesthetics for emergency situations
  • Safe anaesthesia/sedation management of critical patients
  • Anaesthesia and sedation protocols in common emergencies

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