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Ivan has been a vet in general practice since 1999. He has had a special interest in veterinary product design for 15 years, being responsible for R&D for a number of veterinary products. Ivan remembers being presented with dental cases as a new graduate, with very little experience of dental extraction – most technique was learned from other staff and most of this was entirely wrong! He was sitting in a dental lecture in 2015, listening to the issues associated with blunt instrumentation. From this, the idea of Dentanomic – a thin edged instrument with a replaceable blade like a scalpel began to form. Many years of engineering and testing later, the Dentanomic product was born. Ivan and his team work across the UK, EU, USA & Canada and the Middle East to demonstrate the techniques appropriate to thin edged instruments. Ivan is also still a general practice veterinary surgeon, dealing with routine cases, rabbit cases and general dentistry.

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