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Scientific Articles

Scientific articles include the latest research and discussions on a range of health conditions and diseases affecting pets.

By Luca Ferasin

Acute heart failure in dogs

Acute heart failure in dogs carries a serious risk of death, and optimizing diagnosis and treatment is paramount, as discussed by Luca Ferasin.

By Sara Marella and Emma Donnelly

Canine diabetic ketoacidosis

What do you do when the critical diabetic patient arrives at the emergency clinic? This paper offers a step-by-step approach for optimal results.

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About Veterinary Focus

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Initiated in 1990 by Waltham and entrusted to Royal Canin in 2003, Veterinary Focus has earned its reputation as a highly regarded resource. Royal Canin takes pride in disseminating knowledge to veterinary professionals in multiple languages, ensuring the delivery of top-quality information. Ultimately, their overarching goal is to enhance the lives of pets worldwide.

Free access to knowledge for all

With over 300,000 veterinarians globally attending to the needs of cats and dogs, Royal Canin stands firmly behind the idea that everyone should have the opportunity to explore the latest advances and findings in the animal health sector. That's why they have made all published issues and articles on Veterinary Focus Online freely accessible to all. Numerous professionals in the field of animal health have joined Royal Canin's Veterinary Focus Online community, and they remain dedicated to fostering exceptional education throughout the international veterinary network.

Practice Management Articles

Practice Management articles provide practical tips, guidance and advice to help optimize management and day-to-day administration within veterinary practices.

By Antje Blättner

Discussing veterinary fees with pet owners

This article (one of a series, authored with fellow veterinary management specialists Philippe Baralon and Pere Mercader) encompasses some of the financial aspects of veterinary practice.

By Pere Mercader

Choosing the right price for your services

This article, which is part of a series looking at the business side of practice (written in conjunction with Antje Blaettner and Philippe Baralon), looks at the perception of veterinary prices.

By Philippe Baralon

Inflationary pressure: pricing strategy

This article looks at the factors to take into account when considering a practice’s annual price list revision, especially when inflation rates are high.

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