February 6th, 2024

Whetting the Appetite: A Deep Dive into Feline Inappetence

In the ever-evolving landscape of veterinary medicine, one topic often overlooked but crucial to address is feline inappetence. It's a silent yet significant concern that demands attention not just from veterinarians but also from pet owners. Our recent webinar, "Whetting the Appetite: Purr-fectly Feeding Your Knowledge of Feline Inappetence," sponsored by Dechra, shed light on this pertinent issue as part of the Virtual Veterinary Congress 2024.

Led by esteemed feline health expert, Sam Taylor, the webinar was a comprehensive exploration of the complexities surrounding feline inappetence. Sam passionately elucidated why early detection of this condition is paramount and why it should never be underestimated in diagnosis.

Inappetence is a common presentation in veterinary practice, often signalling underlying health issues. Sam highlighted the multifactorial nature of inappetence, which extends beyond the primary disease process to include factors like stress, pain, and nausea. Left untreated, inappetence can significantly impede recovery, complicate medication administration, and even hasten difficult decisions like euthanasia.

Throughout the webinar, Sam underscored the physiological ramifications of inappetence in cats, emphasising the detrimental effects on glycogen depletion and muscle proteolysis. By showcasing studies correlating body condition with prognosis in various diseases, she underscored the vital role of maintaining optimal weight in feline patients.

The session delved into practical strategies for managing inappetence, such as creating comprehensive lists of potential causative factors and utilising appetite stimulants judiciously. Through captivating case studies like that of Moomin, a feline patient with chronic inappetence, Sam illustrated the nuanced approach required to differentiate between behavioural issues and underlying illness.

Sam's advocacy for nutritional assessment as the fifth vital sign resonated strongly, urging veterinary teams to adopt a holistic approach to patient care. From monitoring body condition scores to leveraging prescription diets, the webinar equipped attendees with invaluable tools to tackle feline inappetence effectively.

Moreover, Sam's insights into the use of appetite stimulants, nutritional interventions, and feeding techniques provided actionable guidance for veterinary professionals navigating challenging cases. The webinar concluded with a wealth of tips and tricks, including the judicious use of feeding tubes and other supportive measures.

In summary, "Whetting the Appetite" was not just an informative session; it was a call to action for veterinary teams to prioritise the detection and management of feline inappetence. As we continue to navigate the complexities of feline healthcare, the webinar served as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration for all attendees.

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Whetting the appetite: purr-fectly feeding your knowledge of feline inappetence and why early detection shouldn’t be overlooked

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