Wealth Dynamics

Being the creator of a system of psychometric profiling for business, Roger begins this veterinary CPD webinar by elaborating on just what he means by ‘Wealth Dynamics’. He draws on parallels with relevant systems such as those used in explaining horse behaviour, in that each individual animal has a personality unique from other individuals yet it is still possible to categorise based on trends of particular traits.

Fundamentally Roger emphasizes the importance of understanding through psychometric profiling. He points out that different people achieve success in different ways and that we should look to organise business based upon understanding the ways in which people are likely and are able to behave. Roger highlights the key point that a business cannot be successful and efficient unless there is synchronicity between different personalities within a commercial environment. He therefore puts forward his system of profiling to promote a better understanding. The concepts raised can of course be applied to veterinary practice.

Roger gives the example of two types of entrepreneur, a ‘star’ and a ‘dealmaker’. The star must focus time on promoting an appropriate self-image and her psychology will allow for that. However in order to organise and actually formulate this kind of talent in the real-world a ‘dealmaker’ is needed to prompt the practical organisation of events in which the star can do what she does best and promote herself. He uses a basic visual table to further demonstrate the concepts of Wealth Dynamics in the webinar.

The visual demonstration he uses makes his point clear, success for any one individual cannot be fully achieved without understanding and integrating a system that accounts for each individual’s skill set, motivators and personality-type. In other words, psychology on both a micro and macro scale is an important part of progress in wealth and business.

In the webinar Roger utilises visual constructs to demonstrate his points in conjunction with real-world examples of how different personalities or ‘profiles’ might respond to situations based on their behavioural inclinations. As the webinar goes on Roger makes clearer the importance of personality profiling and it becomes more convincing as a concept to be applied to business. Further discussion is prompted by the opening up of the floor towards the end. This veterinary webinar hosted by The Webinar Vet could certainly be recommended to anyone with an interest in business dynamics and how human psychology can affect success in business.

Wealth Dynamics

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