Top 10 Veterinary Podcasts for Empowering Women

In honour of International Women’s Day, we would like to highlight our VETchat – Empowering Women series, a collection of podcasts that celebrates and empowers women in the veterinary field. Here are ten episodes you won’t want to miss:

  1. The Eye-Opening Truth About The Gender Pay Gap In The Veterinary Profession

  2. How Can We Manage Our Teams Successfully?

  3. Diagnosing ADHD In Women

  4. A Veterinary Profiling Tool To Help You Get Your Brain Into Flow

  5. What Is Perimenopause?

  6. IVF And How To Manage Conversations Around This In Practice

  7. Hybrid Veterinary Roles

  8. Understanding Eating Disorders

  9. How To Deal With Bullying In Practice

  10. Dealing With Pregnancy And Baby Loss

These podcasts feature some of the most influential and inspiring women in veterinary medicine, and their stories and perspectives will motivate and empower women in the field.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let us recognise the important role that women play in shaping the veterinary industry and continue to support and empower them in their endeavours.

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