Top 10 Veterinary Podcasts

By Fiorella Castro

If you’re in the car or have some spare time and want to hear about the latest hot topics in the veterinary world then look no further. Below are our top 10 recommended vet podcasts you need to listen to.

Thanks to the growing popularity of podcasts, we can now make the most of our spare time, not only to learn new things but also to enjoy and feel accompanied in the veterinary profession.

Thanks to our podcast called VetChat from The Webinar Vet, we have realised the importance of opening these spaces for the veterinary community. In our podcast, we talk about everything from clinical cases to hot topical debates, which you won’t want to miss!

Whether you are a full-time Veterinarian, practice owner, student, nurse, locum vet; here is a list of podcasts that you will instantly become a fan of:

  1. VetChat Podcast: By Anthony Chadwick, the founder of The Webinar Vet, discussing everything from clinical cases to hot topical debates in the veterinary world.

  2. Uncharted Veterinary Podcast: By Dr Andy Roark, one of the best and most well-known speakers on practice management. Covers practice management topics, toxic environments, good communication practices, among others.

  3. That Vet Life: If you are a student and want to leave fully equipped for the profession, don’t miss Dr McCauley’s episodes, where she takes you through a number of stories with veterinarians and professionals who inspire, encourage and challenge the veterinary community.

  4. Thrive DVM Podcast: This is an empowerment podcast for women, which seeks to equip women with tools to help them thrive personally and professionally.

  5. The Veterinary Marketing PodcastWant to grow your business? This is the marketing podcast for veterinarians.

  6. The Derm Vet PodcastIf you’re interested in a more clinical podcast, Dr Ashley Bourgeois gives practical dermatology tips that you can apply to your clinical practice right away.

  7. Disease Du Jour, An Equi-Management Podcast: If you are an equine vet, this podcast is where research and good veterinary practice for a wide range of equine diseases are discussed.

  8. Internal Medicine for Vet Techs Podcast: Dedicated to all those vet techs passionate about internal medicine.

  9. Purr Podcast: Medical and surgical topics about everything related to feline medicine. If you are a cat lover and want to get into feline medicine, in this podcast you will find all the information.

  10. The Veterinary Viewfinder Podcast: For vets who like to keep up to date with the latest news in the industry.

  11. Podcast a Vet (Bonus): It is a community of veterinarians, students, veterinary nurse practitioners, where stories, struggles, successes and insights from leaders in the veterinary industry are shared.

What are you waiting for? Start listening and discover the different communities to help you in your profession.

Which podcast would you recommend?

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