April 14th, 2023

The Mind Matters Initiative

“The Mind Matters Initiative (MMI) aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of those in the veterinary team, including students, veterinary nurses, veterinary surgeons and practice managers. MMI was launched in 2015 and is funded and run by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), the regulatory body for veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses in the UK.”

Here at The Webinar Vet, we have been working with RCVS to create a collection of webinars to help those in the veterinary profession. This post compiles all of them into one place so that you can refer to them whenever you may need to.

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Burnout and compassion fatigue: what vet professionals need to know – Rosie Allister

The last 18 months have seen unprecedented challenges in veterinary workplaces. Burnout and compassion fatigue are important topics for us to understand right now. This webinar looks at what vet professionals need to know about burnout and compassion fatigue: focusing on prevention, recognition, and what helps.

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Chronic Illness In Practice: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle – Claire Hodgson

Wellness in the workplace has been much discussed over the last few years. There is an increasing awareness in the profession of the importance of protecting and improving our mental health but less attention has been paid to physical well-being. There are many veterinary professionals in the UK living with chronic illness and disability, but their needs are often poorly understood, and they are frequently subject to discrimination are often poorly serviced in practice. This webinar will give you an introduction to what it is like to live with chronic illness, how you can support colleagues who are living with physical ill-health, and how you can build a supportive and inclusive workplace environment.

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Managing Stress with the Right Brain – Mark Tabachnik

A veterinary practice is inherently stressful, with huge demands on staff, who don’t always have the tools to deal with conflict and challenging situations. This talk uses a number of techniques from coaching and mental fitness to give individuals more options to better manage their own responses to stressful situations. This starts with improving our understanding of self and what’s important to us (our vision, values, passions, aspirations and purpose). We will then look at some brain physiology – how different areas of the brain have different roles, and the importance of strengthening the right neural pathways. Accessing the right brain is the key to intuitive, creative and positive thinking. We will look at how we can self-hijack if we rely on the survival parts of the brain and introduce the concept of saboteurs. We will talk about how we can better access the right brain, and how we can use these powers to manage our own stress. In particular, we will deep dive into the power of self-empathy, and the need for us to be guided by making decisions that align with what we really believe to be important.

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StreetVetting: The Power of Pets and Companionship – Jade Statt

StreetVet was born in 2016, inspired by the incredible bond between a homeless man and his dog. Victims of the UK homelessness epidemic often have scant support, except for, in a growing number of cases, the companionship of their pets. This webinar looks at the life-changing work of StreetVet and how the remarkable bond between humans and animals brings hope and purpose to the most vulnerable in society. It will also cover the importance of breaking down the negative stereotypes surrounding homelessness, how StreetVet have had to adapt throughout the pandemic, and how giving back to society can positively impact your own mental health.

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Taming your inner perfectionist – Olivia Oginska

The lecture will explain the phenomenon of perfectionism and provide readily applicable tools to manage its negative impact.

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How to Triumph Over Phobias in the Vet World – Trilby Breckman

Phobias are anxiety disorders that affect 10% of the population and are common and chronic. This webinar will explore the world of phobias: How they start, what keeps them going and how to manage them in a veterinary setting. You will learn about the different types, how to spot the symptoms of anxiety and what treatments are available.

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