The Future of Diagnostic Testing Today!

Holograms, artificial intelligence, and functionalized radio filters, oh my!  Diagnostic laboratory technologies are rapidly evolving to improve patient care and clinic operations. Novel biomarkers, expanded test menus, and improved accuracy will be increasingly available at the point of care. Visit us at to check out the lab of tomorrow today!  If you must have the latest, greatest, and mostly technologically advanced equipment for your practice, subscribe to be the first to know about new product launches and special offers for early adopters like you.

We're thrilled to announce a FREE webinar sponsored by MicroVet Diagnostics and hosted by The Webinar Vet: "New Technologies in Laboratory Testing."

Join us as we explore the cutting-edge advancements revolutionizing diagnostic laboratory practices. From holographic cell reconstruction to artificial intelligence and functionalized radio filters, discover how these innovative technologies are reshaping patient care and clinic operations.

Here's what you can expect to learn:

  • Resources for maintaining quality control and assurance for in-hospital diagnostic lab equipment.

  • Insights into newly available analytes for point-of-care testing.

  • Understanding artificial intelligence, acoustic wave biosensing, and the latest techniques in point-of-care microbiology.

  • Reviewing basic concepts in immunoassay testing and other lab tests.

  • Establishing ideal and minimum standards for lab equipment used at point of care and in hospitals.

Our esteemed speaker, Dr. Bonnie Bragdon, brings over 20 years of experience in the veterinary medical field. As Chief Commercial Officer of CenterPoint Bio-Tech, she is dedicated to improving the accuracy and accessibility of in-house diagnostic equipment for veterinarians.

Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and learn about the lab of tomorrow today! Watch on demand here!

New Technologies in Laboratory Testing

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