November 21st, 2023

Samaxia Ltd Launces with Exclusive UK Partnership with Established French Veterinary Leader MP Labo

LONDON Samaxia Ltd, an exciting new entrant in the UK pet healthcare distribution landscape, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with MP Labo, a family-based business from France that boasts three decades of excellence in the veterinary sector. This partnership, grounded in family values, seeks to offer a fresh and conscientious choice to veterinary professionals and pet owners in the UK.

About MP Labo:

For three decades, MP Labo has consistently demonstrated their unwavering commitment to pets and the environment. Rooted in their core values – placing pets' wellbeing at the forefront, advocating for a harmonious relationship with nature, and championing innovative solutions – MP Labo strives to address the varied needs of animals adeptly. Their conscientious approach extends beyond product creation, as they actively consider their environmental footprint, underscoring their pledge to sustainability through support initiatives like ‘Friends of the Sea’.

Introducing Samaxia Ltd:

While Samaxia Ltd might be a fresh face in the UK market, its foundation is built on expert leadership that brings valuable insights into the UK veterinary sector. The company's mission revolves around sourcing and providing products that are of high quality and affordable. With a keen focus on the impact on the environment and the wellbeing of pets, Samaxia aims to offer a conscientious choice to the UK market. Their founder, with over 25 years in the veterinary and human medical industries, embodies a passion to spotlight products that genuinely uphold their promises.

Why This Partnership Matters:

Samaxia Ltd's commitment to offering valuable choices to the UK market aligns seamlessly with MP Labo's longstanding values and ethos. Through this collaboration, pet owners and veterinary professionals in the UK will have access to a selection of products that not only promote the health and well-being of our pets but also are considerate about our planet. Both companies are poised to work together, focusing on quality, affordability, and a sustainable approach.

In Conclusion:

As Samaxia Ltd embarks on its journey in the UK market, its partnership with the established MP Labo promises to bring a conscientious and quality driven choice to pet owners and vets alike.

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