Revolutionize Canine Patient Care with MeasureON!: Real-Time Vital Monitoring and More

MeasureON! is a unique and innovative new technology that has been entering many vet clinics and hospitals around the world. MeasureON! is the first smart harness for canine patients that tracks vitals or streams a live ECG interval instantly. This solves the inconsistent monitoring of hospitalized and recovering patients that may occur in a busy veterinary practice. Veterinary professionals can now remotely obtain TPR while also being alerted in real-time to changes in patient health during recovery. Furthermore, this method reduces having to disrupt the patient causing unwanted stress.

Here is a list of featured product highlights that make MeasureON! so special.

Real-Time Patient Alerts

MeasureON! has the capability to alert the designated contact(s) when it is reading vitals outside of your desired range. Through the VetMeasure mobile app, you have the ability to set safe ranges for each vital. If the harness is reading outside of those safe range limits, the harness will automatically send you an email or text message saying that it is outside. The vital readings inside the app will also turn a red color to alert you that it is outside of your desired comfort zone. If you are not wanting to receive the alerts anymore, you can simply enter the app and turn off the alerts through the details page.

Live Medical Grade ECG

While the MeasureON! harness is on a canine patient, you are able to view a Live Medical Grade ECG graph through the app. The graph is streamed through a bluetooth connection and viewed on a two-minute interval. Once that two minutes is over, you can ask to view it again and you will be able to watch another two minute interval.

Patient Report Downloads

Through the optional VetMeasure subscription you have access to automatically downloaded patient reports. These can either be viewed in a Patient Report format or be seen in a CSV (Excel) file. The patient reports are able to be used by veterinary professionals around the world since they include all the necessary information for documentation. The CSV (Excel) files allow a more in depth view of the data in all number formats. Both can be used in practice documentation or allow for at home monitoring to be brought into the practice. The optional subscription is $30 a month or $299 for the annual rate. The one subscription is able to be used for all the harnesses that you have purchased, therefore only one subscription is needed per practice or household.

Valuable Use Cases

Throughout the past years, we have seen many use cases from clinics and customers using MeasureON! One of the most common is at-home-monitoring. This allows for clinics to send home the harness with their clients and still be able to read the data. Out-of-sight monitoring is another popular use case. With so many clinics being very busy and understaffed, they may not be able to have a vet or tech by their side at all times. That's when out-of-sight is great. Overnight monitoring is a large use case for the clinics that are not staffed 24 hours. Putting the harness on overnight and being able to leave knowing you will get alerted if the animal goes out of the range you set per patient, is ideal. Post-opt is very common for the MeasureON! harness. Whether it be an intense blood transfusion or spay/neuter, post-opt is a very important time in the dog's life. The last use case that is very common is for fearful or aggressive patients. Bugging or needing to get vitals from those fearful or aggressive patients is not always the easiest. Which makes putting a MeasureON! harness on them is very helpful and safe.

Postoperative Care in the Veterinary Surgical Patient

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