Revolutionising Veterinary Cancer Detection with HT Vista

HT Vista, established in 2023, is the subsidiary of HT Bioimaging (HTVET), founded in 2017 by Shani Toledano, Co-Founder & CEO and Gideon Barak, Co-Founder & Chairman, with an aim to increase cancer detection at an early stage. Our mission is to save pets’ lives by promoting cancer detection at its early stage. 

The HT Vista device is the first non-invasive AI-driven screening tool that empowers veterinary practices to rule out cancer of dermal & subcutaneous masses in dogs. 

The HT Vista can inform within minutes if a mass is benign or requires further investigation. The device uses Heat Detection Imaging (HDI) technology to observe and analyse the thermal properties of tissue and uses a highly trained AI based algorithm to distinguish between benign and malignant tissue. Trained on thousands of scans, the device has a negative predictive value of 98% and is proving to be extremely useful in accurately screening cutaneous masses. 

How does it work? 

The HT Vista performs a 40 second scan, whereby it heats the mass rapidly for 10 seconds and then allows it to cool. The images are sent to the cloud where they are analysed within minutes by our unique supervised machine learning algorithm. The results are returned directly to the device’s screen, giving immediate, point-of-care results. 

  • Offers immediate peace of mind if mass is benign. 

  • Reduces need for invasive procedures on benign masses. 

  • If further investigation is needed, this can commence immediately to aid early intervention. 

Why do you need HT Vista? 

Neoplasia is a prevalent occurrence in dogs, particularly in the older population. In fact, it is estimated that 50% of dogs over the age of ten will develop cancer. And of this population, the skin is identified as the most common location for neoplastic growths. 

Detecting potentially harmful dermal and subcutaneous masses in dogs poses a significant challenge for pet owners due to the diverse range of presentations. 

Recognising the importance of early detection and intervention in combating neoplasia, HT Vista has been meticulously designed to enable on-the-spot screening of dermal masses. This innovative tool quickly identifies whether a mass is benign or requires further investigation, providing crucial information within minutes. 

How does HT Vista benefit veterinary practices? 

The HT Vista device complements existing investigative processes such as FNA or biopsies. Key advantages offered by the HT Vista include: 

  • Non-invasive approach 

  • Painless procedure 

  • Rapid, with on-the-spot results 

  • Owner can remain with dog throughout the scan 

  • Scan can be performed by vet nurses as well as vets 

  • Increased number of mass cases seen 

  • Increased clinic profit 

The A and the I behind HT Vista: the first non-invasive AI-powered screening tool for canine lumps & bumps.

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