Navigating Uncertainty: Supporting Vets and Nurses with Affordable CPD/CE

By Anthony Chadwick

How are you feeling right now? I know that things are feeling uncertain right now with a general election around the corner and the CMA moving forward with their investigation into our chosen profession.

We know that many vets and nurses on the front line are currently working long hours, worrying about layoffs and facing high levels of stress.

If you’re feeling unsettled, you’re not alone. I get it. I was a practising vet for 26 years. I set up The Webinar Vet in 2010 as a GP vet because I saw how tough it was to complete the compulsory training for my colleagues and I experienced it first-hand as well.

Jumping in a car after evening surgery to drive to Preston and not arriving home until midnight to get that one-hour CPD/CE under my belt was tiring. It was also expensive, not just in terms of cash but time and carbon too.

After attending an internet conference, I heard all about the benefits of webinars and the rest is history!

Thanks to the ease and accessibility of webinars, doing your compulsory postgraduate training need only cost you a fraction of the amount that you had to pay back in 2010.

While many of the old, traditional companies have adapted the model and, of course, new ones have joined the race, too, we are still the leaders in providing quality online veterinary CPD/CE to vets and nurses across the world!

I saw a poster at the BSAVA congress a few years ago which has always stuck with me. It highlighted positive stressors and doing good quality CPD/CE was one of them. And it’s true, continuously learning and boosting our skills makes our job so much more fun!

The Webinar Vet's vision is to have the world's most confident vets and nurses on the platform. If you are confident, the job becomes more fun! Not only that, having access to affordable education is vital. It’s not just about growing a skill set, it’s about reducing stress and burnout in the profession, too.

So, we’ve lowered our price to help vets around the world who are feeling like I did: tired, stressed, worried and overwhelmed. Until the 5th of June, you can become a member of The Webinar Vet for a discounted price.

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