Navigating Feline Pain Management: A Review of Dr. Sheilah Robertson's Webinar

In the realm of veterinary medicine, effective pain management in feline patients is paramount. With this in mind, a recent webinar titled "The Ins and Outs of Using Opioids in Cats," led by esteemed speaker Dr. Sheilah Robertson, provided invaluable insights into this critical aspect of veterinary care.

Dr. Robertson's extensive background in anaesthesia and animal welfare, coupled with her profound expertise in feline medicine, made her the perfect guide through the intricacies of opioid use in cats. Having received her veterinary training at the University of Glasgow and further honing her skills with a PhD from the University of Bristol, Dr. Robertson's credentials speak volumes about her knowledge and experience in the field.

The webinar commenced with a comprehensive overview of opioids' role in perioperative pain management and trauma-related pain in cats. Dr. Robertson highlighted the unique responses of cats to opioids, such as mydriasis and elevated body temperature, underscoring the importance of understanding these nuances for effective pain management strategies.

One of the webinar's key takeaways was the significance of multimodal analgesia, a concept that involves using several different drugs to target various parts of the pain pathway. While opioids play a crucial role in this approach, Dr. Robertson emphasized their integration with other medications for optimal pain relief.

Delving deeper into opioid pharmacology, Dr. Robertson elucidated the classification of opioids and their respective receptors, offering practical guidance on selecting the most suitable opioids for feline patients. She also addressed historical misconceptions surrounding opioid use in cats, shedding light on dosage adjustments and newer formulations that ensure safety and efficacy.

Throughout the webinar, Dr. Robertson's expertise shone as she navigated topics such as opioid receptors' locations and the clinical effects of opioids, including mydriasis and potential adverse reactions. She provided invaluable resources for further exploration and demystified complex concepts with clarity and precision.

Of particular note was Dr. Robertson's discussion on methadone and buprenorphine, highlighting their unique pharmacological profiles and suitability for feline patients. Her practical recommendations and evidence-based approach underscored the webinar's value in enhancing clinical practice and improving patient outcomes.

In conclusion, Dr. Sheilah Robertson's webinar on opioid use in cats stands as a beacon of excellence in veterinary education. Her dynamic presentation style, backed by extensive research and clinical experience, made this webinar a must-watch for veterinary professionals seeking to elevate their feline pain management protocols. With RACE accreditation and a wealth of actionable insights, this webinar promises to leave a lasting impact on its audience.

For those committed to delivering compassionate and comprehensive care to feline patients, Dr. Robertson's webinar is an invaluable resource and a testament to the transformative power of education in veterinary medicine.

The ins and outs of using opioids in cats

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