Keeping Smiles Bright: Celebrating Pet Dental Month

February is not just the month of love; it's also Pet Dental Month – a time dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of oral health in our furry companions. As veterinarians, it's crucial to educate pet owners about proper dental care to ensure their pets live happier, healthier lives. This year, we're excited to highlight some valuable resources and events that promote dental wellness for pets.

1. Webinar Spotlight: Surgical Extractions Make Dental Surgery Easier

Join us on February 28th for an informative webinar sponsored by Bonovate titled "Surgical Extractions Make Dental Surgery Easier – Here's How to Do It!" Led by experts in the field, this webinar will delve into the intricacies of surgical extractions, providing practical tips and techniques that every general practitioner can implement in their daily practice. Learn about constructing surgical flaps, avoiding damage to vital structures, and ensuring a smooth extraction process. Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to enhance your dental surgery skills and save your seat here!

2. On-Demand Webinar: Preventative Oral Health Care for Dogs and Cats

For those eager to dive into preventative oral health care, check out the on-demand webinar available now on The Webinar Vet platform. Sponsored by Animalcare, this webinar covers essential recommendations and guidelines for maintaining oral health in dogs and cats. Discover the benefits of early intervention dental procedures, learn how to discuss oral hygiene methods with pet owners, and explore tested products that meet Veterinary Oral Health Care standards. Empower yourself with the knowledge to diagnose and prevent periodontal disease in your veterinary patients. Watch the webinar here!

3. Dental Podcast Series: VetChat Episodes

Explore the world of veterinary dentistry with our engaging podcast series, VetChat. Our latest episodes feature insightful discussions with industry experts on various aspects of dental care. Tune in to learn about the evolution of dental care, veterinary dental instrument development, and the importance of planning dental work for your patients. Gain valuable insights, practical tips, and inspiration to elevate your dental practice.

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This Pet Dental Month, let's join forces to promote oral health awareness and provide the best possible care for our furry friends. Together, we can keep their smiles bright and their tails wagging!

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