November 21st, 2023

Greening the London Vet Show: Reflecting on Sustainability and Ethical Practices

London Vet Show is one of our biggest veterinary exhibitions in Europe albeit dwarfed by the likes of VMX in Orlando. I’m just back after a busy, busy week with the Simply Vets’ and The Webinar Vet team. We had over 250 members of the industry come to the stand for some of our The Webinar Vet branded ethically-sourced Tony Chocolonely. We will also be planting 250 trees in developing countries to help provide shade for people and animals and increase biodiversity. We are hoping to reach 10,000 trees planted by the end of December.

It was good to hear so much positive feedback from companies like Antech Diagnostics, Wimba and Bova UK (Specials) about the work we are doing with them and especially to see so many friendly faces at our annual pizza and prosecco.

I was so pleased to hear so many new companies commit to the veterinary green discussion forum on 18-19 June, 2024 at London Wetland Centre, Barnes. It’s so important that we move forward quickly. We will be concentrating on the circular economy- reduce, reuse, recycle!

The problem with a huge exhibition like LVS is that you never get around all the stands and a lot of conversations are fleeting. It was a real treat to spend over an hour with Zoe Goldstone from VPG talking about their efforts around regeneration and sustainability on Saturday morning in a coffee shop in Finchley on my way back to Liverpool. Zoe has a Masters in Conservation Studies and developed a drinks bottle and pen made out of ocean bound plastic to give to delegates. 

We all need to do more to secure the planet’s future particularly when we attend conferences and exhibitions. What did you do if you attended LVS? Or did you decide not to attend to reduce your carbon footprint? Or if you are not from the veterinary world, how are you attempting to live more lightly on the planet as an individual or business. I would love to hear what you are doing practically to help in our climate crisis. If we work together, amazing things can happen!

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