September 27th, 2023

Exploring the Insights of Dr. Sarah Heath: 5 Must-Watch Webinars for Veterinarians

As veterinarians, staying updated with the latest knowledge and techniques is crucial to providing the best care for our furry patients. Dr. Sarah Heath, a distinguished veterinary surgeon, and a European Veterinary Specialist in Behavioural Medicine, has been a beacon of knowledge and expertise in the field. Her contributions to veterinary medicine have earned her the prestigious title of FRCVS. Today, we're excited to delve into five of her outstanding webinars on The Webinar Vet that are not only informative but also truly engaging. 

  1. Feline Microchipping – Taking a Cat-Friendly Approach to the New Legal 

Dr. Heath's deep understanding of feline behavior shines in this webinar. As microchipping becomes a legal requirement for cats, it's essential to adopt a cat-friendly approach. Dr. Heath shares valuable insights on how to make this experience as stress-free as possible for our feline patients, addressing the unique challenges faced with our whiskered friends 

  1. Dealing with Inter-Cat Tension in Multi-Cat Households 

Multi-cat households often face challenges related to inter-cat tension. Dr. Heath offers practical strategies and insights on how to manage conflicts between feline housemates, ensuring a harmonious environment for both cats and their caregivers. 

  1. The C-19 Pandemic – How Has It Affected Dogs and Their Caregivers 

The global pandemic has undoubtedly impacted our lives and our pets. Dr. Sarah Heath discusses the effects of COVID-19 on dogs and their caregivers. From separation anxiety to lifestyle changes, this webinar offers valuable advice on how to address these challenges. 

  1. What Makes Behavioural Medicine a Day One Skill for Veterinary Students? 

Behavioural medicine isn't just an advanced field; it's a skill that should be embraced from day one of a veterinary career. Dr. Heath explores the importance of incorporating behavioural medicine into veterinary education. Discover why understanding animal behavior is crucial for providing comprehensive care to our patients. 

  1. Emotional Considerations in Dealing with Dermatology Cases 

The connection between emotional and physical health in our pets is undeniable. In this webinar, Dr. Sarah Heath explores the intricate relationship between emotions and dermatological issues in dogs and cats. Gain a deeper understanding of how addressing emotional well-being can complement dermatological treatments. 

Dr. Sarah Heath's webinars are more than just educational sessions; they're engaging and insightful journeys into the world of veterinary medicine. Her extensive experience and expertise shine through, making these webinars a must-watch for veterinarians looking to enhance their knowledge and skills. 

In addition to her webinar contributions, Dr. Heath has made remarkable contributions to the field of veterinary medicine. She is an accomplished author, having authored numerous papers, books, and book chapters. 

As you explore these webinars, you'll find that Dr. Sarah Heath's passion for veterinary medicine and her dedication to improving the well-being of animals and their caregivers are truly inspiring. Her ability to bridge the gap between veterinary science and compassionate care is a testament to her expertise and commitment to the field. 

So, which of Dr. Sarah Heath's webinars will you dive into first? As you watch, remember to consider how her insights can be applied in your veterinary practice. How might a deeper understanding of feline behaviour or the emotional aspects of dermatology cases benefit your patients and clients? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Happy watching! 


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