Exciting Webinars Coming Up in March at The Webinar Vet!

As we step into March, we're thrilled to announce an array of captivating webinars lined up to enhance your veterinary knowledge and skills. Here's a sneak peek at what's in store:

Small Animal Programme:

7th March - James McMurrough

Title: Pulmonary Hypertension: more common than you may think!

Join us as we delve into the world of pulmonary hypertension (PH) and uncover its prevalence in primary care practice. James will shed light on the causes and risk factors associated with PH, guiding clinicians through diagnosis and treatment options backed by the latest evidence.

14th March - Sarah Caney

Title: Approach to diagnosis of polydipsia in cats.

Polydipsia, a common complaint in older cats, demands a meticulous diagnostic approach. Sarah will share her expertise on prioritising diagnostics, urine collection techniques, and reaching accurate diagnoses even within budget constraints.

21st March - Sheilah Robertson

Title: The ins and outs of using opioids in cats.

Gain insights into the nuances of opioid use in feline patients for perioperative pain management and trauma-related pain. Sheilah will explore unique feline responses to opioids, side effects mitigation strategies, and the latest advancements in opioid formulations.

28th March - Mike Herrtage

Title: Diagnostic Imaging in Emergency Medicine – a case-based session.

In emergency and critical care scenarios, diagnostic imaging plays a pivotal role in swift diagnosis and management. Mike will present case studies showcasing the importance of specific imaging modalities in rapid diagnosis and intervention.

Exotics Programme:

20th March - Madonna Livingston

Title: The approach to assessing and treating chronic pain in pet rodents.

Discover effective methods for assessing and managing chronic pain in pet rodents, with insights into pain assessment techniques and evidence-based treatment approaches.

Farm Programme:

13th March - Tim Potter

Title: Optimizing the calf environment and biosecurity.

Learn how to enhance calf health and performance by optimizing their environment and implementing robust biosecurity measures on the farm.

Equine Programme:

13th March - Zoe Gratwick

Title: Investigation and management of weight loss in horses.

Explore the underlying causes of weight loss in horses and learn about investigative approaches and management options for addressing this common issue.

Nurse Programme:

19th March - Georgia Woods-Lee

Title: Challenging cases of obesity and how to turn failure into success.

Join Georgia as she navigates through the complexities of obesity management in pets, offering practical guidance on overcoming obstacles and achieving successful weight loss outcomes.

Don't forget, our small animal webinars are RACE approved. And if you can't catch them live, no worries! They're all available on-demand. If you haven't joined us yet, consider signing up for our 7-day free trial. It's a great way to access our enriching educational resources and expand your veterinary knowledge. Don't miss out on this opportunity with The Webinar Vet!

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