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As veterinarians, we know that understanding and addressing feline behaviour is crucial for providing comprehensive care to our furry patients. Our latest Feline Behaviour Refresher Course is designed to enhance your knowledge and skills, ensuring you can offer the best possible care. This course is included in our membership, or you can purchase it at a special price with a 20% discount using the code COURSE20.

Here's a sneak peek into the invaluable content covered in this course:

1. Optimising the Feline Environment at Home and in the Practice

The environment plays a significant role in a cat's emotional and physical health. This webinar will delve into how to optimise both the home and veterinary environments to meet the natural behavioural needs of cats. Learn from Sarah Heath about creating environments that minimise stress and promote well-being.

2. Inappetence in Cats: Can’t Eat, Won’t Eat and How to Manage It

Hyporexia is a common and stressful issue for cat owners and can significantly impact recovery in hospitalised cats. Samantha Taylor will guide you through various strategies to manage inappetence, including tube feeding and appetite stimulants.

3. Cat Friendly Clinic: Why Bother?

The ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic program recognises the unique needs of cats in veterinary settings. This webinar, presented by Samantha Taylor, will explain the benefits of becoming a Cat Friendly Clinic and how to enhance your practice's cat friendliness for the benefit of your patients, clients, and staff.

4. Considering Behavioural Factors When Diagnosing Feline Medicine Cases

Understanding behavioural factors is essential in diagnosing and managing feline medical cases. Sarah Heath will explore how behaviour influences health and the importance of considering these factors in your practice.

5. Implementing Behavioural and Environmental Modification When Treating Feline Medicine Cases

Stress can exacerbate medical conditions in cats. Learn from Sarah Heath how to implement behavioural and environmental modifications to reduce stress and improve patient outcomes. Discover how to create a safe and secure environment that meets the needs of your feline patients.

6. Assessing Emotional Health in Dogs and Cats

Accurately assessing the emotional health of your patients is crucial for effective behavioural medicine. Sarah Heath will teach you how to interpret behavioural, postural, and facial signals to better understand the emotional states of cats and dogs, helping you provide better care.

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