Celebrating Sarah Caney: A Leader in Feline Medicine

This month, we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on Sarah Caney BVSc PhD DSAM MRCVS, an esteemed figure in the field of feline medicine. With over two decades of experience as a feline-only veterinarian, Sarah has garnered international recognition for her expertise and dedication to improving the health and well-being of our beloved feline companions.

Sarah's journey to becoming a specialist in feline medicine began at the University of Bristol, where she underwent rigorous training. Today, she stands as one of only thirteen recognized specialists in feline medicine in the UK, a testament to her exceptional skill and knowledge in the field.

As the author or co-author of four books, including "Caring for Cats with Hyperthyroidism," Sarah has made significant contributions to feline healthcare literature. Her business, Vet Professionals, has been instrumental in disseminating valuable information to veterinary professionals worldwide.

One of Sarah's notable contributions is her extensive research, much of which has been published in the prestigious Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery. Through online owner surveys and clinical studies, she has deepened our understanding of various feline health issues, paving the way for improved diagnostic and treatment protocols.

Since 2012, Sarah has been collaborating with The Webinar Vet, providing invaluable insights and education to veterinarians with a keen interest in feline medicine. Here are five of her most-watched webinars:

1. Innovations in Management of Constipated Cats: Addressing the challenges of constipation in felines, Sarah explores new effective treatment options, including osmotic laxatives and dietary recommendations.

2. Successful Compliance for Feline Patients: Sarah shares insights from owner surveys and her own experiences to help veterinarians achieve successful compliance in feline cases, a crucial aspect of effective treatment.

3. Diagnosis and Management of Systemic Hypertension in Cats: This webinar delves into the diagnosis and management of systemic hypertension, a condition increasingly recognized in elderly cats, offering essential guidance for early detection and treatment.

4. Feline CKD - What's New in Diagnosis and Treatment?: Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a common ailment in older cats, and Sarah discusses the latest advancements in diagnosis and treatment strategies, emphasizing the importance of early detection and comprehensive management.

5. Diagnosis and Management of Hypokalaemia in Cats: Sarah sheds light on hypokalaemia, a frequently encountered electrolyte disturbance in cats, providing insights into its causes, diagnosis, and effective management.

Attendees of Sarah's webinars have praised her presentations:

- "A beautifully structured and didactic presentation."

- "Clear presentation, helpful updates, useful practical tips."

- "Very concise and informative. Love the practical tips!"

- "Excellent webinar, happy to recommend it to everyone. I think nurses would also appreciate it."

- "Helpful and very detailed webinar."

Sarah Caney's dedication to advancing feline medicine is truly commendable, and her contributions continue to shape the landscape of veterinary care for cats around the world. We are honored to celebrate her as our Speaker of the Month.

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