In this webinar Victoria Hedges, Examinations Manager and Michad Wildman, Pre-Registration Assessment Officer will provide details of the application process that nurses trained outside the UK must go through in order to enter the RCVS Register of Veterinary Nurses and work in the UK. This information will be useful to employers, potential applicants and schools educating veterinary nurses who may wish to work in the UK.
Learning Objectives:

Acquire a clear understanding of the different application requirements for people who trained as veterinary nurses outside the UK. Three categories will be explained: a. Trained as a veterinary nurse within the EU b. Trained as a veterinary nurse outside the EU c. Trained in an ACOVENE accredited school
Familiarise employers with of the application process to ensure that they do not inappropriately delegate nursing duties to people trained outside the UK who have chosen not to apply to enter the register
 Gain an understanding of what is involved during the Period of Supervised adaptation
Understand who needs to pass the pre-registration examination and understanding what this involves
Understand the process for temporary enrolment of students completing their veterinary nurse education at a school outside the UK

Victoria, Examinations Manager at the RCVS, started working in a veterinary practice when she was 16 and completed her training in 1995. She joined the College in 2002 as an External Verifier, working her way up to her current position where she is responsible for the registration of nurses trained outside the UK. This includes designing and delivering the Pre-registration examinations which nurses which some nurses are required to complete. Since 2013 she has overseen the registration of nearly 400 nurses trained outside the UK.

 Michad is the first point of contact for all nurses trained outside the UK wishing to enter the register in the UK. She is responsible for responding to queries from potential applicants, processing the applications, liaising with the assessors and conveying the decision to the applicant. Michad is also responsible for the administration of the Pre-registration examinations which some nurses trained outside the UK need to undertake.

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